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This Work-from-Home Job Pays Up to $1,300 and Lets You Set Your Own Schedule

Flexibility is such a beautiful thing.

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One of the best things about the work-from-home phenomenon is the flexible schedule. Whereas a traditional job (the type prevalent up to the dawn of the 21st century) clearly defines the end of work shifts, remote work nowadays gives employees more leeway to set their working hours.

A great example is International Workplace Group (IWG), a company that specializes in workplace solutions. It is looking for freelance agents to join its global account helpdesk.

Since the helpdesk caters to millions of customers worldwide, it’s basically online 24 hours a day, hence the flexible working hours.

What a helpdesk freelance agent does

The primary responsibility of a freelance agent is to provide online chat support to customers. Agents need to be on top of customer queries that come via telephone. (Wait, scratch that—queries and complaints. You know how worked-up customers can get.)

In order to efficiently resolve matters regarding accounts, billing, and payment, helpdesk agents need to know protocols by heart and promptly communicate with the right departments. Throughout the process of troubleshooting an issue, agents should also keep the customer updated, all the way to the final resolution.

Qualifications and requirements

So, what does it take to be a helpdesk freelance agent for IWG?

Proficiency in English, both in speaking and writing, is a must-have for this job. As far as equipment goes, you need to have your own laptop or PC with a Windows 10 (or higher) operating system. Plus, your internet connection should run at a minimum of 10 Mbps.

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Your computer also needs to be located in a dedicated workspace. You’re going to need all the focus you can muster—freelance agents are called upon to handle at least 100 queries per month.

If you can deal with 200 queries or more, you absolutely rock! Resolved queries will serve as the basis for calculating your pay. In other words, a huge number of properly addressed concerns will convert into a nice payday. From what we gather, freelance agents typically earn around $1,300 a month. 

If you’re interested in joining the IWG team, fill out this form to get your application started.

A nicely compensated work-from-home job that allows you to set your own schedule? Go for it. Global customers needed great online chat support, like, yesterday.

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