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How Much Does It Cost to Visit the North Pole?

By any chance, does Mrs. Claus have any coupons?


When we were young (read: not hounded by work and bills), we were super fascinated with Santa Claus. At some point, it wasn’t enough to leave cookies and milk for St. Nick. We wanted to visit the jolly ole man in his magnificent home.

Now that we’re all grown up (and fretting about rent), we can finally bring that dream alive.

Fancy a trip to the North Pole?

That’s right: the reputed location of the world’s leading elf factory is a fascinating tourist spot. All the natural wonders and breath-taking sights are for real.

Reality check: it comes with a hefty price tag. (And no, getting on Santa’s nice list doesn’t earn you a discount.)

These prices go NORTH

According to Cruise Critic, you’ll have to spend around $30,000 for a two-week Arctic cruise. 

Just like any other thriving tourist hub on the planet, the North Pole offers plenty of options as you contemplate your cruise. For one, there’s the length of the cruise. Some are as short as eight days, while others stretch way beyond two weeks.

Try this on for size: in 2019, luxury travel company Abercrombie and Kent offered a 48-day Grand Arctic Voyage, which took guests from Norway to the Canadian Arctic and Alaska. Not counting airfare, the grand total for the Grand Arctic Voyage was about $56,000.

There’s no other word for it: That price was cold!

Other bundles include offerings that aim to heighten the cruising experience. For instance, Aurora Expeditions has a 76-cabin ship with spacious observation decks, which is perfect for all the beautiful sights along Iceland and Greenland. Meanwhile, Seabourn has an expedition ship that carries two submarines, double sea kayaks, and two dozen Zodiac boats.

What makes the North Pole so special?

Of course, you might be wondering what the fuss is all about. After all, if it’s cold temperatures that you want, you can just chill out (literally) in Switzerland or Slovenia. Or Kennebunkport, Maine.

They don’t have polar bears up in the Northeast, do they? The wildlife in the vicinity of the North Pole is a sight to behold, especially the so-called Arctic Big Three: polar bears, whales, and walruses.

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While these three species are superstars in their own right, Franz Josef Land is no buzzy spot. Nevertheless, this place, which happens to be the world’s northernmost archipelago, is certainly worth a visit. If your North Pole cruise happens to stop by this realm, cram your phone with photos of the wildlife, tundra, and historical sites. (Plus, #northernmostarchipelago is a catchy hashtag, no?)

Then, there’s the awe-inspiring sight of ice. Internet pictures of colossal glaciers and vibrant icebergs just don’t do them justice. (We’ll just have to make sure that they stay where they are. Bad things happen when Arctic ice melts!)

So, if you’re hyped about  journeying up north (way past the Canadian border, of course), plan your trip and finances carefully. The months of July and August are a particularly great time to visit since this is when mosses and blooms bring color to the polar desert.

As for a Santa sighting, let’s put it this way: you have a better chance of saving up $30,000 for a trip than spotting St. Nick on a day off.

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