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Looking for Flexible Work? This Site Is All You Need

It’s a one-stop shop for flexible jobs.

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Remember when we realized that remote work is possibly the best thing since sliced bread? 

While work-from-home jobs are no longer hard to come by, there’s one thing we still sorely need: a fantastic job search engine.

At one point or another, we’ve all felt the frustration of dealing with a subpar job site. Questionable posts, scant details, and a poor layout really don’t cut it when we urgently need income-earning opportunities.

Thankfully, FlexJobs is here to lay our worries to rest.

The world’s number one site for remote work, FlexJobs makes life so much easier for job seekers across the globe. It’s not just a helpful search engine, though—FlexJobs has several exceptional features that boost your chances of thriving in your new work environment.

The FlexJobs story

FlexJobs is the brainchild of Sara Sutton Fell, who hit upon the idea for the website when she was pregnant with her first child.

It was 2006, and Fell wanted the best of both worlds: professional growth in a flexible job and quality time with her firstborn. She realized, however, that flexible jobs were far from commonplace. Though these limited opportunities might have deterred others, Fell’s entrepreneurial mind started to put together the pieces of a business model. 

It wasn’t her first rodeo in the startup arena, either. Back in 2000, she co-founded the online employment service JobDirect. Whereas that site specialized in entry-level jobs, Fell wanted to create a convenient platform for applicants hunting down legitimate flexible work.

Was FlexJobs ahead of its time? After everything we’ve been through in recent years, we can safely say that this venture was over a decade early. (Thank goodness!)

Since 2007, FlexJobs has helped all sorts of professionals—fathers, mothers, working students, and 9-to-5ers looking for side gigs—secure high-quality remote positions. It’s a one-stop shop for the entire employment process as it provides an array of career-related services and resources for the 21st-century workforce.

How exactly can FlexJobs help your career?

To gain full access to all the great stuff the site has in store, you’ll need to take out a subscription for a week, a month, three months, or a year. Subscription plans start at $9.95, but as you’ll see, the career assistance provided by FlexJobs is well worth it.

For one thing, the platform gives you access to a heavy-duty search engine. You can browse vacancies by job type (like, say, full-time or freelance), schedule, career level, and even the amount of travel required. Though the search engine is accessible to any online user, you need to have a subscription in order to view the full details of any search hit.

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The site also guarantees that every job posting has been meticulously screened by its expert team. There’s nothing quite as annoying as an online scam, is there? When you’re going over search results on FlexJobs, you can rest assured that all the employers you see on screen have been properly vetted.

FlexJobs doesn’t just help you sort through remote vacancies. The site goes the extra mile by increasing your chances of getting hired! To be specific, FlexJobs offers the following:

  • Career coaching. No, this isn’t some automated bot that spews out feel-good lines. For $89, you can talk to a FlexJobs career coach who will offer outstanding advice for your next professional moves.
  • Webinars. FlexJobs keeps you up to date on the latest professional development sessions you can watch. Get the popcorn ready!
  • Resume review. You. Cannot. Take. Resumes. Lightly! Because this document is of paramount importance, FlexJobs offers a $179 review service. That way, your resume can command the full attention of hiring managers.

Did we mention that FlexJobs also has a plethora of free resources? For no charge at all, you can devour all the career-related blog posts, job descriptions, and job-hunting articles that your heart desires.

Want to take your career to the next level? Enjoy the vibrant world of flexible work by subscribing to FlexJobs today!

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