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Prevent Spam on Pinterest and Get Paid Up to $7,500 per Month for Your Efforts

This is your chance to be the good guy and take down all of the baddies.

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With the rise of modern technology and social networks, people’s lives have become far from private. Social media users willingly and carelessly post videos, photos, and comments for all the world to see. What happens when that information is used to wicked ends?

The internet is chock-full of bad actors looking for an opportunity to hack, phish, scam, and misinform, mainly for personal gain. 

For instance, Pinterest users can tweet or like a pin, which allows for scams to spread across Facebook and Twitter. Pinners often fall victim to one cybercrime or another because of links and pins that direct to fake sites. One link/pin leads to another, and by the time the user realizes something’s amiss, they have already shared personal information that can be abused and misused.

While there is no way yet to stop spamming and scamming entirely, they can at least be minimized.

Fortunately, social media services like Pinterest employ specialists who can protect users from bad actors and ensure a safe experience. These unsung everyday heroes are called integrity analysts, and Pinterest is currently looking to hire one. 

Your responsibilities 

An integrity analyst is part of the Trust & Safety team in charge of safety issues concerning compliance, policy-violating content, and more, with the ultimate goal to create a safer environment for all Pinners. 

If you are hired, you will work closely with other departments (including engineering, product management, and policy and operations) on creating new strategies and solutions to prevent or minimize spam on Pinterest.

Your daily tasks will include analyzing data and new abuse trends to develop new strategies for preventing abuse on the platform. 

The job is entirely remote, meaning you can do all of this from the comfort of your home. The best part of the job is the competitive salary, which ranges from about $5,160 to $7,500 per month, or $62,000 to $90,000 a year.

How to qualify

Pinterest is looking for a Pinployee who has worked with analyzing data before, preferably with two years of experience. The successful candidate has a technical background and is proficient in at least one programming language, such as SQL, Python, or R. 

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In addition, the applicant should be able to understand and communicate complicated issues to other concerned parties.

You may be happy to hear that no degree is required. 

Why work for Pinterest?

Pinterest is a U.S. image-sharing social media platform. The company offers an inclusive culture, competitive salaries, amazing benefits, and growth opportunities. Pinployees receive compensation that includes mental and physical health benefits, parental benefits, and retirement plans. 

If you think you’ve got what it takes to become the next Pinterest integrity analyst, polish your resume and apply here.

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