54 Car Brands Are Owned by Just 14 Companies. How Many Can You Name?

A Jeep and a Maserati might have more in common than you think.

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Cadillac. Buick. Chevrolet. When you close your eyes, you can picture the logos, the commercials, the billboards… You can even imagine the type of person who drives each car. These brands feel so unique and separate in our minds, evoking specific feelings and memories. However, all three of them are under the umbrella of General Motors. 

The majority of top car brands in the world are owned by just over a dozen companies. Most of the brands are instantly recognizable on their own, but many people don’t realize that they have the same parent companies. Volkswagen doesn’t just churn out adorable Beetles–it also makes Porsches and other luxury cars! 

Check out this visual representation of the pricing power and influence of 14 mighty corporations.

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