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Want to Succeed as an Executive Assistant? Check Out How This Company Can Help You

It’s a platform that will embolden you.

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Let’s talk about both sides of the virtual assistant (VA) industry.

On the one hand, you have employers who have realized that tapping a remote workforce has numerous advantages. What company doesn’t want lower overhead costs and higher productivity? In particular, executive assistants working under remote arrangements have proven to be incredibly helpful in day-to-day operations.

On the other hand, you have thousands of workers who are taking their talents online. Weary of the commute and the time away from their loved ones, these job seekers pursue executive assistant posts in just about every industry.

In other words, great demand meets great supply. The only thing missing in this equation is a platform that makes life easy for all parties involved.

It’s not missing, however, because you have Boldly, an online staffing company that operates in North America and Europe. If you’re searching for a platform that will firmly position you to thrive in the VA field, you don’t need to look any further. Right now, Boldly is scouting for executive assistants, so get ready to hop on board.

More on Boldly

The Boldly platform was launched in 2012 by Sandra Lewis. At first, Lewis and her team offered a variety of services that helped clients accomplish short-term projects. In time, however, they realized that clients were more interested in securing assistance for longer periods of time.

The Boldly team also paid close attention to the urgent need of its client base for credible workers whose skills were tailored to each company’s needs. Lewis and her colleagues decided that what their clients required for the long term, Boldly would provide.

Today, Boldly helps clients find executive assistants, writers, editors, project managers, and a host of other talented individuals to bolster their ranks. Every transaction between Boldly and a client begins with a meeting to hash out what the latter needs to attain their desired outcomes. Thus, Boldly gets to know exactly how to address the client’s requirements.

The client then gets to speak with a staff member recommended by Boldly. This allows them to verify whether this person is a good fit. Even after the client greenlights a staff member, Boldly (via an account manager) continues to extend its support.

As dedicated as it is to customer service, Boldly has also been committed to upholding an exceptional company culture. From 2019 to 2023, the company has been certified as a Great Place to Work, and in 2022, it was recognized as an Inclusive Workplace by Best Companies Group.

In other words, if you’re looking for a highly supportive environment that will propel you to success as an executive assistant, Boldly is the place to be.

How can Boldly help you thrive as an executive assistant?

First things first—you need to know that Boldly will only consider applicants based in the contiguous United States. For now, applications from Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington, D.C. residents will not be entertained.

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Next, you have to be aware of what Boldly is looking for in its executive assistants. The required qualifications include:

  • At least four years of experience in calendar management
  • At least seven years of hands-on experience as an executive assistant
  • Multitasking, organizational, and time management skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong grasp of Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and telecommunication platforms such as Zoom

Here are some of the responsibilities that Boldly’s clients will entrust to you:

  • Make arrangements for meetings, travel, and accommodation.
  • Manage appointments and calendars.
  • Manage correspondence via email, phone, and letters.
  • Work on slide presentations.
  • Keep tabs on—and help minimize—expenditures.
  • Research topics as needed.

How much do executive assistants make from jobs secured via Boldly? The starting range is $24 to $28 an hour, but you can expect your rates to go up as time passes. Benefits include 401(k), paid time off, paid parental leave, and a technology stipend.

Ready to take your career to the next level? Click here to get started on your application.

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