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You Only Need Half a Year of Experience to Apply for This Fantastic Work-From-Home Job

This is a great opportunity from Amazon. Grab it!

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Amazon (the site, not the rainforest) is a lush paradise filled with bountiful opportunities.

We all know what this online behemoth—which happens to be the largest retailer on the planet outside of China—can do for folks who are in the business of selling. However, is everybody aware of the numerous work-from-home employment opportunities it offers?

Let’s talk about one vacancy that’s particularly appealing. What makes it so desirable is the fact that it’s well within the reach of many job seekers. Let’s specify: We’re talking about people looking for work in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

Get this: Whereas many of Amazon’s postings require one to three years of relevant experience, this job requires just six months.

Fancy being an Amazon seller support associate?

What a seller support associate does

According to multiple postings on Amazon Jobs, a seller support associate functions as “the primary interface between Amazon and [its] sellers or vendors.” Through seller support, Amazon provides technical assistance, account management, and other helpful services to its partners across the globe.

The sellers are the backbone of Amazon’s e-commerce machine, and seller support associates are there to cater to their needs. They respond to both inbound and outbound tickets in an effort to resolve system and process issues. In other words, seller support takes care of problematic situations, thereby averting pushback from disgruntled sellers (or buyers, for that matter).

Seller support associates also don the mentorship hat from time to time. Specifically, they are expected to master the multiple platforms utilized by Amazon and share that expertise with sellers. By doing so, they can help sellers become adept at using tools and processes to their advantage.

What a seller support associate gains

There are plenty of paths for an associate to advance their career. Coaching, data analysis, process improvement, and communication are just some of the areas where an associate can pursue professional growth.

The benefits aren’t that bad, either. They include medical, dental, and vision insurance (that last one will surely come in handy after hours of screen time); restricted stock units (“You co-own Amazon? That’s great!”); paid time off; and a 401(k) plan with company match. 

We’re not going to lie, though: The sweetest benefit has to be the annual discount on Amazon products. Hooray!

What a seller support associate brings

So, what qualifications does an associate need to have?

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Aside from the six months of customer service experience, they need to be equipped with computer skills; in particular, Excel and Firefox know-how is a must-have. Associates have to be great at time management, open to learning opportunities, and available to work either Saturdays or Sundays.

We shouldn’t forget language proficiency. Since associates will be dealing with sellers from around the world, their English should be top-notch.

None of this is asking for too much, so aspiring associates should waste no time heading over to Amazon Jobs to find out more about this work-from-home opportunity.

That discount on Amazon products is worth grabbing, right?

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