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This Healthcare Brand Will Pay You Up to $27 per Hour to Address Customer Concerns

You’ll get great health benefits, too!

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What’s the definition of an excellent healthcare provider these days? Why, one that’s got it all, of course!

When you’re browsing online for solutions to your healthcare problems, it can be dizzying to bounce back and forth between websites. You’d have to go to one hospital’s website for your primary care, then zip over to another for an ear and throat specialist. There are half a dozen other places to check for your mental health, any necessary surgery, diet, nutrition…you get the picture.

Before you know it, you’re all over the place. What if you could get all your healthcare solutions from one platform?

Optum gives you peace of mind by being a one-stop shop for all your health needs. This comprehensive portal can get you and your loved ones just about any healthcare service you require. No matter what your state is (as in, wherever you are in the U.S. and whatever condition you’re dealing with), Optum has you covered.

Obviously, a massive venture such as Optum needs a robust workforce to cater to its customer base. This is why the company is looking to hire an appeals representative associate to work remotely. In this position, you can make a good living while playing an integral role in helping millions of Americans deal with their health issues.

(In case you’re wondering, your healthcare needs will be addressed as well by this employee-friendly company!)

More on Optum

In 2011, healthcare titan UnitedHealth Group launched Optum, building on the pharmacy and care delivery services it had previously acquired.

In the ensuing years, the Optum brand set a high standard in multiple healthcare fields. Specifically, it made its mark through the following:

  • OptumHealth (care delivery and ambulatory care services)
  • OptumInsight (analytics and technology services)
  • OptumRx (pharmacy benefits to customers)
  • OptumLabs (medical research)
  • OptumBank (creation of health savings accounts)

Yep, there’s a lot more where that good stuff came from.

With this wide array of offerings, Optum became a highly valuable asset for its parent company. Back in 2018, Healthcare Dive reported that Optum “accounted for 44% of UnitedHealth Group’s profits.” At the end of 2021, Optum generated $155.6 billion in revenue; 12 months later, that number increased to $182.8 billion.

Optum’s financial success is impressive, and so is its track record of industry recognition. Aside from its multiple accreditations, Optum has been the recipient of the L.A. Times Best Medical Group award (a feat it accomplished in 2022), and it has also been feted by as a Top Company for Diversity and Top Company for Women.

In short, Optum delivers a great healthcare experience and an exceptional employee experience. 

What can you expect from this job?

Let’s talk geography first: The remote position of appeals representative associate is open only to residents of California, Colorado, Connecticut, Nevada, New York, Rhode Island, and Washington.

To qualify for this job, you need to have:

  • Minimum educational attainment of a high school diploma or GED
  • At least a year of experience in resolving customer concerns or working in an environment where phones and computers are the tools primarily used for communicating with customers
  • Good grasp of MS Word and MS Excel
  • A secure workspace at home

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In addition, you must be a resident of an area where you can get a high-speed internet connection approved by Optum’s parent company.

Here are some of the responsibilities you’ll have in this position:

  • Resolve written complaints submitted by consumers and clients.
  • Communicate effectively with the parties involved.
  • Determine trends that unfold in terms of appeals and grievances.
  • Conduct research and stay up to date in order to ensure that you can provide adequate assistance.
  • Operate as part of a team.

The pay for this position ranges from $16 to $27.31 per hour. Benefits include dental, medical, and optical reimbursements; life and disability insurance; an employee assistance program; equity stock purchases; and 401(k).

Ready to join this elite healthcare team? Click here to get started on your application!

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