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Is Advertising Your Cup of Tea? Then Check Out This Remote Job

It’s all about the clicks.

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Who knew that clicking a mouse button could have major ramifications?

In the digital age of advertising, clicks have become a strong currency. Brands want nothing more than for people to click on every ad they’ve put out there—links, branded content, images, and the like. The more online users view a brand’s advertisements, the more likely they are to avail themselves of its products or services.

As a result, companies pay advertising firms big bucks to promote their stuff online. This is because the revenue growth and overall expansion of brands can be fuelled by the sheer volume of…yes, clicks.

Are you particularly good at generating clicks and running paid media campaigns? If so, there’s a company you definitely need to check out.

Black Propeller is a digital marketing agency looking to hire an account manager to join its Paid Media team. If online advertising is your wheelhouse, this remote job would be perfect for you.

Meet Black Propeller

Black Propeller was launched by John Thornton in 2012. From the very start, Thornton worked hard to distinguish his agency from its numerous competitors. One of his key strategies was to run the company as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business.

Black Propeller made a name for itself by providing sophisticated digital services that enhanced the online distribution of brands. Specifically, as social media platforms grew in earnest, the agency capitalized on their momentum, harnessing their advertising potential.

At present, it offers the following paid media services to its clients:

  • Google Ads. Black Propeller lives up to its name by propelling a brand to prominence in the world’s most popular search engine. The site provides valuable assistance in setting up search and shopping ads and in other aspects, such as remarketing and landing page design.
  • Facebook Ads. The agency helps its clients reach out to their target demographics on Facebook. Specifically, Black Propeller engages the target audience with excellent copy and irresistible audiovisual content.
  • Amazon Ads. You didn’t think that it would leave out Amazon, did you? In one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world, clients can put up sponsored products and display ads with Black Propeller’s help.
  • eCommerce PPC. Basically, Black Propeller puts together a package of the aforementioned social media strategies to drive the growth of a client’s eCommerce business.

In case you’re inclined to think that Black Propeller is all about its clients, you should know that it does great things for its employees as well. The company has been certified by Great Place to Work as…well, a great place to work! In particular, the members of Black Propeller’s management team have been recognized by employees as credible, trustworthy individuals with integrity.

Eager to experience this great workplace culture firsthand? Read on!

What can you expect from this job?

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To qualify for the position of remote account manager on Black Propeller’s Paid Media team, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • At least a year of experience “directly managing PPC campaigns with monthly budgets exceeding 10k”
  • Excellent communication skills (particularly in terms of writing ad copy)
  • Strong interpersonal skills (especially when it comes to engaging clients)
  • Strong grasp of advertising strategies
  • Willingness to gain new insights and perspectives

Responsibilities that will be assigned to you include:

  • Supervise the paid search strategies on Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.
  • Establish good relationships with clients and become the point person for their campaigns.
  • Effectively distribute tasks among the team of Paid Media coordinators and specialists.

The estimated salary for this job is $5,050 to $6,391 per month. Benefits offered by the company include medical, dental, and vision plans; 401(k); paid time off; and life insurance.

Ready to join the Black Propeller team? Here’s a particularly important click for you: To get started on your application, click here!

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