How Much Do Things Cost?

From “regular” things like braces to crazy things like a trip to Antarctica, here’s what things cost.

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You might know how much staples like your favorite coffee or household cleaning products cost, but have you ever wondered how much you would have to shell out to jet off to outer space, stock your bathroom with gold-coated toilet paper, or finally purchase that extremely useful diamond-encrusted bulletproof suit?

With inflation sending everyone’s heads spinning, it might be a good time to get a little perspective on how much things actually cost—from practical items to the downright wild things that the wealthy spend on. 

Whether you are curious about the price of rent around the United States (which, as most of us can agree, is too damn high!) or you have a hankering to know if you can afford to propose to your sweetie at a Major League baseball game, you will likely find the information on this list intriguing. 

Who knows? If you sell those original Beanie Babies that are gathering dust in that forgotten box in your garage, you might just have enough to be the proud owner of a real racing pigeon—or you could even put it toward a fraction of your rent in New York City.

  1. A (very) high-end houseboat
  2. A diamond-encrusted bulletproof suit
  3. A gun made out of meteorites
  4. A lifetime of makeup
  5. A luxury private submarine
  6. A racing pigeon
  7. A self-propelled diving suit
  8. A set of stairs in the New York City subway
  9. A trip to Antarctica
  10. A trip to the North Pole
  11. Advertising in Times Square
  12. An all-you-can use pass to all of the United States’ national parks
  13. Damage caused by golf balls
  14. Fixing a cyber attack
  15. Gold toilet paper
  16. Human organs
  17. Land in the metaverse
  18. Lead from sunken ships
  19. Original Beanie Babies
  20. Proposing at a Major League Baseball game
  21. Rent in each US state
  22. Rent in each US state
  23. Renting a private jet
  24. The most expensive ads on Google
  25. The world’s largest arcade machine
  26. The world’s largest bankruptcies
  27. The world’s most controversial coin
  28. The world’s most expensive foods
  29. To fly to space as a tourist
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